Saved, Saved! Free Congregational Accompaniment Excerpt

I’m trying to decide whether or not to  periodically stray from the melody in the congregational accompaniments I’m working on for publication.   I can’t help myself!  It’s more fun to stray from the melody as in the following free congregational accompaniment (excerpt) of Saved, Saved!

This is more of how I would play for congregational singing for Saved, Saved.  (The written music below is the same as the recording)  🙂

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Click here to download your free copy of “Saved, Saved!” congregational accompaniment verse excerpt!


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3 Responses to “Saved, Saved! Free Congregational Accompaniment Excerpt”

  1. Victoria says:

    Love this! Thanks 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I agree that it is more fun to leave out the melody sometimes! Do I remember correctly that you already have a few published congregational accompaniments? I haven’t been able to find them in the music store.

    Speaking of hymns that are awkward to play, “Jesus I am Resting, Resting” is one that I never know what to do with. It is a beautiful hymn and is one of my favorites; I think should have beautiful music with it. I think it must be the frequent chord changes that make it difficult. If you ever have any suggestions you would like to share, I would appreciate it!

  3. Rick says:

    Unfortunately the church I play for (Methodist) doesn’t use this hymn , but I’m all for you straying from the melody when arranging your hymns; sometimes church pianists need the creative help from other pianists. We might not need help improvising the entire hymn, but using a run or fill-in suggested by another person is sometimes most helpful.

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