Free Piano Arrangement: God of Our Fathers (part one)


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“God of Our Fathers” is a wonderful hymn to sing anytime of year, but especially around July 4th. This stately hymn reminds Christians of God as their leader. 

In part one of today’s free arrangement of “God of Our Fathers” I tried to portray the majestic mood of the text by solid octave movement in the left hand and full chords in the right hand. 

The introduction (trumpet fanfare) was doubled (both hands) for a fuller sound.  The octave higher treatment gave it a brighter tone.

In measure five, I added a light touch of syncopation to the left hand  for text enrichment.  The words for this measure speak of God’s  “…almighty hand”.

Congregational singing plays such an important role in the worship service.   As a church pianist, I try to play with enthusiasm, since I represent the Lord in all I do.  I want others to know that I truly believe the words of the great hymns of faith as I play them for God’s glory.

To be honest, I don’t always feel energetic on a Sunday morning when I’ve had maybe a couple hours of sleep… but God is good. He gives me just enough energy to make it through. I’ve found I do better during those times.  I think it’s because I’m relying more on His help…as I should ALWAYS do 🙂

Part two of “God of Our Father’s” will take us up an octave as we prepare for the climax of this great hymn.  Looking forward to sharing the rest!

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4 Responses to “Free Piano Arrangement: God of Our Fathers (part one)”

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  2. Vicki Tisdale says:

    Once again and not surprisingly, you have made my day!!!! I continue to improve in my music because of your lessons and the music you send us. God has truly blessed me to be able to have a site that helps me broaden my ability to play this music.

    May God continue to bless you as you share your knowledge with us.

    In Him,


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  4. Sawyer says:

    Thanks so much, I have so much of your free music, that I play in church so often thank you.

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