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I just created this one page piano arrangement of “At Calvary” this past week for one of my hymn playing students.  I’m teaching her to branch out from the middle of the keyboard when improvising hymns for prelude or congregational style.

She is accustomed to playing octaves with her left hand and now we’re trying to condition her right hand to play an octave higher with some fullness (up to 3 notes) and will gradually work into more right hand octaves.

Editor notes for the free piano arrangement of At Calvary:

Measure #5… Right hand plays octave higher for brief moment before working back to middle of keyboard in measure #7. (Notice the gradual transition)

Measure #8… double duty octaves on the last 3 beats.

Measure #15…Octave workout!

Measure #16…Just had to give her at least one 4 note chord 🙂

Click here to download Free Piano Arrangement: At Calvary


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3 Responses to “Free Piano Arrangement: At Calvary”

  1. Carol Snow says:

    I appreciated your answer to Ashley. I use substitute chords a lot but don’t really know what kind of chord it is. I just go by how it sounds. I have downloaded a lot of your piano arrangements and appreciate how you make them rather simple, but at the same time they are “colorful” because of the substitute chords.

  2. Lydia says:

    You, are a true Godsend! I’m a predominantly self taught pianist(intermediate) and have been trying to improve my piano playing; all my playing is for church and I’ve been looking for ways to make the sound fuller and how to do runs and all the other fancy stuff. Your lessons here and the illustrations/YouTube demos and everything is exactly what I’ve been praying for! Thank you, thank you,thank you for being so selfless- through your ministry I pray that I can help transform and elevate the worship atmosphere where and when God’s people gather!

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