Musings by a Church Pianist

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Being transparent here…. Ever have those days as a church pianist where you wondered, “What was I thinking?!” Got back late Friday from a conference and was just extra tired on Sunday and boy did it show!

Got to choir practice 15 minutes early to copy a two sided arrangement for a ladies’ ensemble rehearsal… and wound up copying the same page on both sides…ever done that? Don’t ask me WHY I didn’t notice BEFORE singing it in practice….(laughs for everyone) Just one of the many crazy things I did that day 🙂

After ensemble practice, one of the ladies approached me and I just KNEW she was going to give me a lashing (lol…just kidding) She handed me a homemade loaf of pound cake and said she just wanted to express her gratitude for my time spent working in the music ministry.

That act of encouragement could not have come at a better time. Isn’t God good how he works through people?!


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  1. Ashley says:

    I had to laugh because I had a day like that just a couple weeks ago. I was tired and apparently my mind wasn’t very sharp. During congregational singing, I skipped the chorus of a hymn and started playing the verse again. Then on another song I skipped an entire measure in the middle of the verse.

  2. Victoria says:

    My biggest ‘oops’ recently was starting a song in flats instead of sharps. It didn’t sound too good with the organ and orchestra playing it in sharps 😉 Our song leader did the best thing in the situation, “Let’s stop and try that again!”

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