Timeless Truths: Free Online Library of Hymns

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Timeless Truths, an online resource, containing public domain hymns has a feature that church pianists will love!   Simply go to their site and search a hymn by title.  The page for the hymn will show the words on the right column.  Scroll down and look for the choice in left column that says “View Scorch sheet music” and click on it.

The sheet music for the hymn will appear (if you have downloaded scorch player). If not…it can be done for free.  The nice thing about viewing the music with scorch player is you’re given the chance to transpose the hymn to any key you desire before printing it for free!  Just look for the (2 flats symbol) at the top of the music  and click it.  A small box will appear allowing you to choose how far down or up you want to  transpose.

Click here to go to Timeless Truths: Free Online Library of Hymns


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4 Responses to “Timeless Truths: Free Online Library of Hymns”

  1. Robin Lindsey says:

    Is it possible to get hymns in lower keys? About 1/3 lower than the usual key?

  2. Nancy Owen says:

    I have found a copy of the song “I’ll Be a Sunbeam.” I wanted to print a copy of it for a program we are dong this Monday night. I installed the Adobe reader as suggested, but still cannot get it to print.

    Any suggestions?

    Nancy Owen

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