The Church Pianist: Free Piano Hymn Arrangement

Every church pianist can use a free piano hymn arrangement:)   “Jesus Loves Me”, although sung mostly by children, is still an excellent hymn to play for offertory sometime.

This arrangement is best suitable for the pianist attending a small church.

I hope you enjoy this simple, homespun offertory.

Click title below to get your free arrangement:

Piano  Hymn Arrangement of “Jesus Loves Me”

Post by Jenifer Cook

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11 Responses to “The Church Pianist: Free Piano Hymn Arrangement”

  1. Shirley says:

    This is very pretty, Jenifer! I’ve been looking forward to seeing what you would do with this lovely old song! Thank you 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    I really like this arrangement! I’ve been a fan of your blog for over a year and I really appreciate the lovely work you do with these hymns. I’m a pianist for a small church, and I’ve played many of them for the services.

    I have a question, or maybe a suggestion for a future blog post, if you’re still accepting those: I have trouble filling in the blank spaces in songs (for example, whole notes, or the end of a verse, leading into the next verse). I have no idea what to play in those spots and sometimes, that creates an uncertainty for the congregation about when to start singing again. What can I play to help sort of “lead in”?

    Thank you!


    • Jenifer Cook says:

      I will be creating a series of articles as a result of these excellent questions!
      Yes, a challenge for many pianists when creating fill-ins for long held words
      or like you say…”…leading into the next verse”.

      Thanks so much for asking these questions! Look for upcoming articles soon concerning piano fill-ins.

  3. Dianne says:

    Thank you for posting this, Jenifer. Your music is lovely in its simplicity. It was well received when I played it recently in our chapel service.

  4. Sue Johnson says:

    Jenifer, I LOVE your improvisations. I am 80 years old and always wanted to know how to do this. You have brightened my day. Do you possibly have an improvisation of “Rock of Ages” or “How Great Thou Art?” Thanks for your wonderful ministry. Sue Johnson

    • Jenifer Cook says:

      Thanks Sue! Sure don’t have an arrangement yet for “How Great Thou Art” or “Rock of Ages” but I can certainly add these to my reader’s wishlist.
      Thanks for your encouragement too!

      *Added note: I do have “How Great Thou Art” now available in my online music store 🙂

  5. Mei Yan says:

    Hi Jenifer
    I have just discovered this site and am so excited. Always have been wanting to play fill ins but no good at it. It is very gracious of you all do it it free for us. I have many versions of hymns in my books but some are too ‘busy’ others too plain.
    I just saw the beautfiful arrangement of ‘Jesus Loves Me’
    I am 58 but if you could do one of my favourites, I will be very grateful. Learned piano on my own as i have too many siblings those days. How about just one, namely: Jesus loves me this i know, It is no secret, fill me now, ruggard cross, whispering hope, blessed assurance, solid rock, mansion on the hill top…my playing sounds very boring now i can play your versions ha ha ha…like a pro…You are very gracious in giving it for free.
    Mei Yan, Chinese from Singapore, Bless you.

  6. jamey aebersold play along…

    […]The Church Pianist » Blog Archive » The Church Pianist: Free Piano Hymn Arrangement[…]…

  7. cheong says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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