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I spent this evening writing an intermediate piano solo of “Nothing Between” for one of my piano students….Shelley Roberts.

Shelley is a junior this year and trying to teach her all I can before she reaches college age!

This particular arrangement, written for the piano student in mind, is more structured and straightforward.  It’s nice to have pieces like this available  for students who play offertories more often.  Playing less involved offertories allows us time to focus on other repertoire during the lesson.

I do teach more involved arrangements but try to maintain a balance.

Hope this arrangement can be of use for piano students or church pianists needing an easy offertory!

Click on the following title for your free piano arrangement of “Nothing Between”.

cute note calling hear yeMore thots: I want to use this arrangement in an upcoming video dealing with interpretation…a VERY important factor…making for a more effective presentation.




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6 Responses to “FREE Piano Arrangement: Nothing Between”

  1. Paula Mendez says:

    Thank you again Jenifer! I can tell already that this arrangement will be perfect for me due to the exact things you mention for your student! With less stress to see a complex piece the mind is calm enough to focus on words/meaning and presenting it smoothly!

  2. Kim Decker says:

    Th k you very much. I am a church pianist , I am always looking for music.

  3. Paulette Kirby says:

    Thank you for this arrangement. I am always looking for music for myself and my students. I appreciate the good arrangements of good hymns.

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